As ISTANBUL FERROUS AND NON-FERROUS METALS EXPORTERS' ASSOCIATION, our work and general scope related to our sub-sectors are as follows.

  • Organization of national participation organizations at leading sectoral fairs worldwide,
  • To conduct trade/procurement committees and market researches,
  • To provide training towards foreign markets,required by our companies
  • By organizing, R&D Project Market and Design Competitions and bring together industrialists, academicians, students and entrepreneurs in innovative and progressive projects , to ensure that our sector gains new values
  • Preparation of sectoral and country based reports for our members,
  • Organizing sectoral International Competative Development projects and meetings  

Sub-Sectors stated as;

• Aluminum

• Copper

• Casting

• Household and kitchen utensils

• Construction materials

• Metal Hardware

• Metal Packaging

• Welding Materials

Problems, suggestions and solutions in the sectors covered by the scope of our Association are evaluated at the meetings and workshops held under the chairmanship of our Board Members and participants from leading companies and associations. In addition, a sector magazine  named “Metallic" is published on a monthly basis to inform our members about the activities of our Association, and the publication is sent to the T.R. Ministry of Commerce, Exporters' Associations General Secretariats, the press and our members and published on our website.

Our promotional and informative brochures, magazines and catalogues including sub-sectors and the activities of our Association, are prepared by relevant industry experts and seminars and trainings are organized by experts in their field to keep our members informed about new developments. On the other hand, with İMMİB Industrial Design Competitions and Plastic and Metal Packaging Design Competitions, we increase the perception of design in our country and we continue our efforts to design value-added products and add value for the future.

 Accordingly, in order to reach our Association's export target of 25 billion dollars in the hundredth anniversary of the foundation of the Republic of Turkey, Metals Sector Branch participates in the “Breakthrough in Export” projects put forward by the T.R. Ministry of Commerce and other authorized institutions of the state and continues its activities with our member companies. In this context, the Works under the Project of Supporting Development of International Competitiveness are initiated and we will continue to participate in similar projects in order to increase our export.