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Construction Proposal for The Inspired Home Show 2023

Construction Proposal for The Inspired Home Show 2023


Construction Proposal for The Inspired Home Show 2023

To whom it may concern,

We are pleased to declare the national participation of Türkiye at “The Inspired Home Show 2023” to be held between March 4-7, 2023 in Chicago/USA, will be organized by İMMİB for the 17th time.

The Pavilion of Türkiye will be located in North Building and South Building with 780,38 sqm (8400 nsf), where our co-exhibitors will display kitchenware, houseware, giftware and decorative items. Our aim is to have construction style that will differentiate the Türkiye Pavilion from others, attract the attention of visitors and provide the most convenient construction and decoration type to enable our co-exhibitors to display their products in the best way. Please find attached herewith the detailed requests about technical, financial and general issues concerning with construction and decoration of the Pavilion (ENC 1).

Should you desire to submit an offer under these conditions, please send us your sealed proposals via speed courier not later than October 20th, 2022 till 17:30 local time. Please pay attention that any customs cost that may occur will not be undertaken by our Association.


ENC 1: Technical, Financial and General Specifications                                          (3 pages)

ENC 2: Hall Plan and Türkiye Pavilion stand plans                                                      (3 pages)

ENC 3: Sample photograph of Türkiye Pavilion                                                          (2 pages) 

Construction Proposal IHS 2023.pdf

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